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Window Repair

Newer windows still need attention

This picture was taken from a 4 year old house. As you can see the caulk has worked its way from the window casing. This has left a gap between the window and the wood which will allow weather elements to get behind the siding and into the walls. Simple preventative maintenance can help save $1,000s of dollars and headaches down the road. E3 Solutions recommends that you check to make sure your windows are caulked properly once every 2-3 years if not sooner. Some of the ways to help prevent this from happening in the future is to make sure you use a high quality caulk, I know its tempting to grab the cheapest item off the shelf but not always the best idea. Secondly, make sure you read the manufactures recommendations on proper installation guidelines. If you put the caulk on when it is damp or to cold, it will not adhere. Give E3 Solutions a call today to help with preventative maintenance to your home!

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